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Office Branding

Office branding is an essential part of almost all business signage. It projects your company’s identity to the world. How your office looks will say a lot about you to potential customers and partners.
Sign Nation can assist you with a variety of office branding applications. Our office branding materials are high-quality and durable. Send us the details of your project and we’ll help you figure out the best dimensions and design for your brand.

What is Office Branding?

Office branding are visual displays for your office, which can range in a variety of sizes. They are highly customisable to suit any application and aesthetic. Office branding presents your company’s identity to visitors while reinforcing brand values to staff. Just as dressing splendidly will leave a memorable first impression, so will an eye-catching office branding.
Brand design for office spaces can be made of different materials, depending on the application, from metal to wood and decals. There is an option to suit every requirement.

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Applications of Office Branding

Small and Large Offices

Whether your space is a small office or a large corporate headquarters, well-designed and placed office branding will make your space visually appealing for visitors. More importantly, office branding will project your company’s identity and personality.

In this case, gym branding is a great option for gyms to attract customers. They will give customers a memorable first impression while motivating them to work out.

Restaurants & Retail

They say that in the restaurant and retail industries, location is the most important aspect for success. However, office branding is just as important. A dynamic office or retail branding design will solidly establish your identity to customers.

We Design, We Process, We Deliver

Our Approach


First, we understand your brand and how we can make you stand out from the competition. We then consult on the optimal signage for your space.


We discuss and provide 2-3 concepts which best match your requirements. We render every project using actual photos of your building so you can see the end product before it’s implemented. See an example below (to see the mpg for this).


We create your custom design in physical format using our in-house machinery so you can view the physical signage before it is installed.


Once we are happy with the design and updates, we come to your store at a convenient time to install the final sign designs.

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Why Invest in Office Branding

Office branding design applications are limitless, giving you control over design and placements. A beautiful office branding design stimulates the visual senses. They are a great marketing tool for businesses. There are a number of benefits to investing in office branding which include:

    • Brand Awareness – Office branding will help you establish your brand identity, displaying your logo and company name for all to see. The more often people see your brand identity, the more they’ll remember you.
    • Visual Information – Office branding is versatile in projecting visual information. They can introduce what your company is all about to visitors as soon as they walk in the door.
    • Attracts Customers – Typically office branding is displayed outside and inside of your office. This will make a great first impression on potential customers.

    • Customisable – You can display your office branding in various ways. You have control over sizes, application, materials, placement and design. Sign Nation consultants will help you make your vision into reality.



Office branding is a reflection of your brand, so investing in this with the right design agency is critical. Here’s why you should let Sign Nation help with your shop signage requirements.


Every one of us is certified and qualified in graphic design


We understand and ensure that our great design supports your brand strategy.


Quality is at the heart of what we do. We have the people and processes to guarantee satisfaction every time.


We own the machines that produce the outputs which means a tighter control on quality while being competitive on costs.


We’ve helped hundreds of clients since the early 2000’s

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