Window Frosting

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What is Window Frosting

Window frosting, also known as window graphics, is a type of film that is applied to a glass surface. It can be presented in a simple frosting look or with a more visual design, while creating a sense of privacy for your home or office. It’s contemporary, sleek visual effect makes window frosting popular and can improve your space in many ways.


Window Frosting can create the illusion of more space while enhancing your brand.

Gym Graphics

Window graphics can motivate members to work out while inspiring others to join

Window frosting improves privacy while creating space for indoor and outdoor areas.

Window graphics can brighten up what can sometimes seem like a dull space

Shop Signage

Window Frosting can create the right environment for Customers to buy


At Sign Nation, we develop window frosting solutions that cater to a wide range of client needs. Whether you’re looking for extra privacy or want to elevate your space’s look, we can help your specific project. We enhance this experience with beautiful graphics and a sense of inclusion. To achieve this, we have a 4-step approach to Window Frosting:


First, we understand what impressions you want to deliver from the window space. We then consult on the optimal design for the space.


We discuss and provide 2-3 concepts which best match your requirements for the window area. For example, we will consider the orientation of your space in relation to the sun’s path so that window frosting can diffuse harsh light, and help you conserve energy at the same time.


We will work with you on your custom design. Whether you’re looking to place your logo as a wall graphic, or want to increase privacy in your home, we will collaborate with you closely every step of the way.


Once we are happy with the design and testing, we proceed to production. At Sign Nation, we manufacture the window bunnings on-site which ensures a high standard of quality and tighter cost control.

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Sign Nation helps clients across Australia implement their unique brands into built environments. Here’s why you should work with us.


We have decades of design experience to ensure a high standard of work.


Sign Nation has successfully served Customers since early 2000.


We own the machinery that creates the signage, meaning a tighter quality control and cost efficiencies.


We combine technology with the latest design approaches to create the best possible experiences.


We guide you through every step of the process to ensure you are on top of the process.


Our team are certified in design and User Experience. This means high quality combined with a strategic approach.


  • Amazing service and exceptional quality. Genuinely helpful and really well priced.

    Dave Stojanov
    Owner - Evolve Fitness
  • Great team to deal with. Communication with Chris was a breeze and the design team understood what we wanted from the get go. Turnaround time was great and the installation happened with zero interruptions to our daily business. We will definitely be calling the guys at SignNation back for our next job! Thanks again!

    Cassie Ashley
    Euro Marble Centre
  • These guys not only produce amazing work (all my patients comment on all our signs) they are also very efficient and so friendly to work with!! Highly recommend!!

    Lisa Gadd
    Living Health Group

Why use Window Frosting

Window frosting can be applied to any glass surface and is commonly used in homes, offices and on partitions. There are a number of benefits to using window frosting which includes:

  • Improves Privacy – The film used in window frosting allows you to view out of the window while restricting visibility from the other side.
  • Diffuses Harsh Light – Frosting for windows protects your home or business from harsh sunlight while maintaining natural light.
  • Conserves Energy – Window frosting keeps interior spaces warm in winter and cool in summer. This can help to lower your monthly utility bills.
  • Cost-Effective – Window frosting is more affordable than using tint or frosted glass.
  • Customisable – You can display customised graphics to create a vibrant space, or frosting effects to create a calm atmosphere.
  • Productivity – Frosting on windows and glass panels can help employees focus on their work, because it blurs any distracting activities or visuals in their surroundings.


There are many types of window frosting for you to choose from. Whatever your needs are, we got you covered.

  • One Way Vision – Window film gives you added privacy by providing one way viewing.
  • Digital Prints – Promote your brand on your office windows, or show off a custom design for your home. Digital printing can accommodate images, text, logos and patterns to create powerful graphics for your business or home. 
  • Window Murals – Frosted windows can cover large areas. One of the most popular options is a window mural that can add a layer of privacy for your space. You can also add digital prints for customisation. 
  • Window Frost Unprinted (Privacy or Embellishment) – You can use a simple window frost to increase privacy, or to use them as embellishments to create a pleasant design for your space.
  • Window Frost Printed – Printed window frost can add a dynamic layer of design for your home or office. You can customise your prints to fit your needs or style. 

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