brand identity & exterior revamp


Evolve Training Systems is a complete start to finish project that we have complete for Dave, Owner. Dave came to us with an unfinished logo and branding kit, that needed some attention and work towards making a strong brand that reflected his immaculate and highly successful gym space. Working through his branding to create a solid logo mark, and then implementing it to his building to wield a strong street presence taking advantage of his location and high traffic street frontage. 

ClientEvolve Training Systems

"Take my brand and make it new"

Dave had a logo made a few years back, and had already implemented this into his old building signage – which was really starting to look dated. When he came to us, he wanted to take the base idea of the logo and create a striking yet polished version he could then publish throughout all collateral. We created a clean and strong mark that went on to carry the design process through the building signage, creating a unique and impressive street frontage. 

From great branding to great signage

Evolve’s now updated branding was reflected through the new building signage using clean and impacting features. Utilising routed ACM panel and vinyl we created a large logo that fixes to the front of the freshly painted building. This creates a ‘zero fixings’ look as only super adhesive is used for application. From there we created custom cut frosting that spreads across all of the front windows, an impacting visual for foot traffic and gym goers.

Promotion area's that create business

The majority of building signage is to create a space that speaks your brand. A building that your clients admire and enjoy being in. Traffic viewable signage can spark interest in your brand – which can then lead to business down the track. However the best way to create leads and business with signage is to have an ever changing promotional space. We created this window skin area for Dave and Evolve – this window can rotate every couple of months or even weeks depending on what offers and call to actions they have on the agenda. These types of signs obviously work better for some forms of business than others, lets chat about how they could work for you.

Project overall

Dave is proud of his vitalised branding and signage. We’ve had reports due to his street frontage that new clients have been strolling in, mentioning that they had never seen the place before the update was done – even though he had been there for years. This is exactly what we aim to achieve with every one of our clients, its why we are in the signage industry. 

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