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Martin Brothers Vehicle design & Wrap

The Martin Brothers Racing Team have been enjoying the off road scene for some time now, racing a group of various class vehicles and competing well at the top. The brothers came to us with their latest clean vehicle, and didn’t want the usual pinstripe and checkered flag that everyone else on the circuit was sporting. We designed them a one of a kind ‘digi-camo’ to blend with the vehicle, and stand out from the crowd. We re-designed their logo for the team, and implemented it onto the vehicle in various key spaces – keeping in mind the exposure area’s that would be noticed on the track by eye, as well in the photography. This project was one of our favourites to date, and we have all of the Martin Racing buggies lined up for wraps in the coming months.

ClientMartin Brothers Racing Team
SkillsGraphic design / Vehicle Wraps


Client Liaison

We met with the Martin Brothers, provided them with the research we had completed in the off road racing scene. We had conversations about the style and look that the team wanted to reflect on the track, and wanting to stand out from the rest. Competing a measure of the buggy, we set off on our task of creating the look


Design and proofing

We set out designing a few different look concepts for the buggy, not setting our sites on one from the start – however spreading the designs to grab the brothers attention. Once we had a preferred look, we moved onto developing the finer details including branding and placement


Production and installation

As the buggy was difficult to transport as the brothers needed to work on the systems before entering the next race. We obtained the panels and marked their alignment – laying them out in our workspace, to then apply the printed wrap vinyl. Once the digital camo base was down, we then worked with the spot graphics placements


Project Reflection

Once we had completed the buggy, we received some professional images of it in action. Its fair to say that it looks great out on the track. We were very proud of the outcome, and have the Martin Brothers to thank for enlisting their trust in us with their weekend toys!

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