Wayfinding Signage

Creating wayfinding solutions for a great user experience

What is Wayfinding

Wayfinding is informative signage created in a physical location to help people navigate their way to their intended destination.

Wayfinding signs are physical examples of user experience design. It marries aesthetics with practicality, allowing clients to optimize their space’s logistics.

Creating the best possible user experience reinforces brand quality.

If customers can easily find their way around your environment and it is a pleasant experience, they are more likely to return and become advocates for your space.

Applications of Wayfinding

Effective wayfinding design is aesthetically pleasing while easily enabling foot and vehicle traffic to know where they are, and intuitively find where they need to get to. Wayfinding is used in a variety of spaces such as hospitals, shopping malls, universities, airports and community facilities. In each of these locations there are a number of factors to consider which includes:
Trend Windows Wayfinding

A Land mark signage piece, directing vehicle traffic to the desired location

Helping people navigate through external environments.

JLL Wayfinding

Helping people find their way around an indoor environment.

Helping present information to people in an easy to digest format.

Directional Wayfinding

Helping people navigate parking lots to find the nearest available car parking space as well as the way out.

Keeping pedestrians out of harms way whilst getting them where they need quickly and without frustration.

Wayfinding and Directional Signage

Our Approach

Our progressive approach to wayfinding means that we recommend the latest technologies and design trends where they will add value to the space.

At Sign Nation, we develop wayfinding solutions that instil peace of mind so people can easily navigate through the space to their desired location. We enhance this experience with beautiful graphics and a sense of inclusion. This could be as simple as ensuring pictograms on bathrooms represent all people without any stereo-types attached.

To achieve this, we have a 4 step approach to Wayfinding:

Discovery Session

First understand how people perceive the space and what their navigational requirements are. We then consult on the optimal design for the space.

Plan and Consult

A walk through the space to identify the questions people ask at each intersection. We then map out the customer journeys before considering the design.


Here, we focus on a design that is both aesthetically pleasing and on-brand. We create mock-ups and test these in the space with a selection of people.


Once we are happy with the design and testing, we proceed to production. At Sign Nation, we manufacture the signage on-site which ensures a high standard of quality and tighter cost control.


Sign Nation helps clients across Australia implement their unique brands into built environments. Here’s why you should work with us.


We have decades of design experience to ensure a high standard of work.


Sign Nation has successfully served Customers since early 2000.


We own the machinery that creates the signage, meaning a tighter quality control and cost efficiencies.


We combine technology with the latest design approaches to create the best possible experiences.


We guide you through every step of the process to ensure you are on top of the process.


Our team are certified in design and User Experience. This means high quality combined with a strategic approach.


  • Amazing service and exceptional quality. Genuinely helpful and really well priced.

    Dave Stojanov
    Owner - Evolve Fitness
  • Great team to deal with. Communication with Chris was a breeze and the design team understood what we wanted from the get go. Turnaround time was great and the installation happened with zero interruptions to our daily business. We will definitely be calling the guys at SignNation back for our next job! Thanks again!

    Cassie Ashley
    Euro Marble Centre
  • These guys not only produce amazing work (all my patients comment on all our signs) they are also very efficient and so friendly to work with!! Highly recommend!!

    Lisa Gadd
    Living Health Group

More Than Wayfinding Signage

We provide Reception Signage, Window Frosting, Building Signage and more for businesses across Australia.
Brand your entry and display your brand with perfectly designed

Reception Signage

  • CNC Routed MDF Letters
  • Laser Cut Acrylic Letters
  • Fabricated Metal Letters
  • LED Illuminated Letters

The best reception sign is not always the biggest and brightest. Instead it should be designed as a perfect blend of your organisations brand and the buildings interior fit-out, combined with a selection of the most appropriate materials and fabrication techniques.

Creative solutions to security and privacy with

Window Films and Frosting

  • Classic Privacy Frost
  • Film with Printed Graphics
  • Frost with Reverse Cut Logos
  • Cut Logos from Frosted Film

Utilising window films and frost is common to create security and privacy where required. Whilst plain frost works great in a classic environment, sometimes the use of graphical elements can bring extra life to your space. Whether through simple cut logos or printed elements and textures.

Show off your brand with compelling

Building Signage

  • Fascia Cladding Signage
  • Laser Cut Building Signs
  • Panel Signs with Print
  • Vinyl Window Graphics

The exterior of a building is the biggest canvas you have to showcase your brand and its values. Whether it be big and bold, clean and contemporary or subtle and subdued. The ideal solution is discovered through consultation and our proven design process combined with our knowledge of the most suitable materials and installation methods.

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