Pinnacle Health Clubs

Pinnacle Health Clubs

Pinnacle Health Clubs have long been a favourite client. Across four different clubs, we have worked with the Ben and Emma to create beautiful modern spaces encapsulating the essence of each workout area. Pinnacle Health clubs are not just signage jobs to us, they are opportunities for us to do our best and most varied work – inside and out.

ClientPinnacle Health Clubs
IndustryGym / Health Club

External Signage

We’ve worked through three iterations of make-overs with Pinnacle throughout the years. The most recent is by far the most outstanding. Pinnacle has dropped the green and blue exteriors for a sophisticated and modern aesthetic that puts them now in a league of their own. Brand confidence has grown which is evident in the constrained new design – flat CNC routed logos installed without any visible fixings and flex-face banners used sparingly that are easily changeable for new promotions.

Internal Rejuvination

Customised wall graphics have played a very significant part in the rejuvenation of the interior image through Pinnacle Health Club. Wall prints can work well in any space when the image or graphic is chosen with the area in mind. Pinnacle opted for contextual based imagery that reflects the mood, energy and movement in each of their specialised training zones. Topping this off is laser cut reception logos and computer cut window frosting throughout. Feedback from club members has been overwhelmingly positive with increased morale and group participation.

Spacial Image Matching

Graphical and spacial context is key. The respective teams from Sign Nation and Pinnacle have worked hard to marry space, equipment and wall graphics into training zones that really excite. This strategy means that as the wall print imagery integrates into the space it becomes more than just a nice looking feature wall, these images hold meaning – changing moods, lifting emotions and inspiring club members to get the most out of their workouts.


Looking back at the Pinnacle Health Club works, we take pleasure in the seamless integration of signage into each of the buildings interior and exterior surfaces. We understand and actively promote that good signage blends into the environment and improves brand engagement. On the contrary bad signage is noticed and stands out for all the wrong reasons, doing damage to your brand.

Some things to note with the wall prints showcased here. Some of the walls were not actually flat or even enough to work with. In this case we shaped and clad aluminium composite panel to the walls, piece by piece to create a perfectly flat surface for application – thus removing the cinder block wall profile all together. Sometimes its the things that you don’t see that make signage look fantastic.

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