Internal wall graphics & signage


With over 1.4 million attendances annually, these popular facilities are widely used by the local and regional community. Professional and qualified staff deliver a diverse range of programs and services including basketball, futsal, volleyball and netball competitions, adult and children’s swimming lessons, health club memberships, personal training, group exercise classes, aqua aerobics, massage, osteopathic services plus much more.

ClientACT!VE Monash
BusinessHealth Club

Communication with your people

Active monash signage isnt about drawing people to the complex, its about communication to the audience within the four walls. 

  • create a well finished communicative space that talks and elights the clients
  • make exsisiting customers aware of branding and identity
  • make exsisiting customers aware of rules and regulation
  • new offers and other sectors of the business that they might not yet be invovled in

Ranging in demographic suited spaces

with a wide audience walking through the doors, there’s signage to aim at all demographics

large wall and the minky’s signage to speak to the children within the swimming centre

Stadium signage and gym signage appealing to the mid tear of age groups

As well as the cross fit walls

Everything else aimed at parents of kids around the pools

Continuos changing spaces

Dynamic spaces that we are changing every 6 months to keep the place vibrant and new

In a every changing space with a growing demogratic every month, we work with Active Monash to update the areas frequently. A dynamic visual space keep patrons stimulated within the space, not allowing the visuals around them to become stale or old. 


We’ve been working with Active Monash for 4 years now, we continue to hold them in a great light as one of our valued clients

We’re stoked with all the work we have completed for them, with even more in mind for the future

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